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Holiday Business Spotlight: Greener Living Solutions

Dear PhinneyWood readers, as 2019 winds down and turns to 2020, we are taking the time to highlight some of our incredible neighborhood businesses that make PhinneyWood what it is. We will return to regular news and events Monday, January 6.

“Who would have thought this would be a good idea,” is how Joanna D’Asaro summed up her business that has unequivocally been an excellent idea.  13 years ago, Joanna decided to team up with her husband, Bert Bradley to create Greener Living Solutions.

Before GLS, Joanna was a landscape architect with a love for nature and ecology, while Bert was a builder and general contractorspecializing in interiors & green construction. Like peanut butter and chocolate, they formed a business partnership between that has created something unique and special. 

The “Greener” in their name has two meanings. First, they are passionate about outdoor spaces and creating an ecologically-based area for outdoor living, relaxation, and gatherings. This involves a lot more than landscaping and adding plants, as they seek to transform the envelope of the house and integrate it with the functionality of the interior. “Holistic and not piecemeal, a true re-visioning of their outdoor area” says Joanna.

Secondly, Joanna and Bert are committed to being an environmentally conscious company. They focus on native and drought-tolerant plants, water saving through reclamation, and are certified as a RainWise contractor. Bert is also a founding member of the Ecobuilding Guild.    

Joanna enjoys volunteering for local parks and planning activates around them, including Greenwood Park, Alice Ball Park, and the Greenwood Station P-Patch. Bert is most happy when they take on an exterior project, no matter the season. “People get more stressed out when their kitchen isn’t done and have dust in their living space than if their outdoor area is under construction.”

Greener Living Solutions