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Holiday Business Spotlight: Broadview Tap House

Dear PhinneyWood readers, as 2019 winds down and turns to 2020, we are taking the time to highlight some of our incredible neighborhood businesses that make PhinneyWood what it is. We will return to regular news and events Monday, January 6.

Many small businesses are born out of a void noticed by the entrepreneurs who take it upon themselves to fill it. Such is the case with the Broadview Taphouse, begun a year and a half ago by friends Matt Hipp and Dave Ralston.

They loved our local pubs and taphouses, but found that many of them did not welcome – or even barred – an important new facet of their lives: kids. Most parents know that there are precious few child-oriented businesses in our neighborhood, and a bar that was not just tolerant but welcoming of our small humans was unheard of.

They seem to have taken a famous quote by George Orwell and made it their mission statement: “The Puritanical nonsense of excluding children and therefore to some extent women from pubs has turned these places into mere boozing shops instead of the family gathering places that they ought to be.”

The Taphouse is not just built on welcoming kids, but as a central gathering spot for their neighborhood. Matt wanted it to have a “meeting house vibe” and has succeeded in that he and Dave have numerous stories to back that up. Many of their customers say there are few places they would go alone, but love to travel solo to the Taphouse because of the community-building efforts and open conversations that happen with neighbors. Even though they sell food and food trucks at the Taphouse, customers are welcome to bring their own, with the occasional three-course meal coming through the doors.

Matt and Dave work hard to create additional opportunities for engagement, with a summer movie series, Monday night trivia, and small artist craft fairs.

Broadview Tap House
217 N 125th St
(206) 420-1108