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Old A-1 Piano building set to be demolished today

The vacant A-1 Piano building at 7020 Greenwood Ave N will be demolished today to make way for a rowhouse project. The small blue building (7006 Greenwood) in the center of the block was demolished on Friday due to an emergency order from SDCI.

Pedestrians and drivers should prepare for the sidewalk to shifted for the parking lane for approximately a month, followed by sidewalk and parking lane closures for three months.

Northwest Contour Building Company and Cone Architecture are partnering on the redevelopment of 7020 Greenwood Ave N. When it is complete, the new building will include 7 market rate rowhouses. Anticipated construction time is 9 months and should be completed by late Summer 2020.

Project Address: 7020 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103
Developer: Greenwood Collective llc. 
Applicant: Cone Architecture
Contact Person: Alex Pauly
Contact Information: (425) 766-9815 or [email protected]