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Rep. Jayapal visits Illumination Learning Studios on Greenwood

Illumination Learning Studio (ILS) on 78th and Greenwood had a special visitor this week on Election Day.  Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal made a stop to visit student one student in particular who wrote to her office asking about elections and why kids can’t vote.  The Congresswoman and her staff met privately with the student, his brother and parents, then participated in a special ILS town hall with all of the students attending Illumination’s After School classes.  

Students asked a range of questions; everything from the climate crisis to the impeachment inquiry, what congress does and why she got into politics. They were also very particularly interested in learning about ways in which they can get involved in issues that matter to them, even though they are too young to vote.  Mrs. Jayapal had some great recommendations for them which include volunteering for candidates, initiatives or campaigns that are important to them and talking to as many people as they can about why these particular topics or people matter to them.  She encouraged them to use their voices and to encourage family members who are of age to get out and vote during elections!