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Two Friday events at the PNA: neighbor potluck and blood drive

Come meet some neighbors, learn what’s going on at the Phinney Neighborhood Association, and how you can get involved. Whether or not you’re a PNA member, this is a great way to learn about what we do and how you can support and enjoy the many programs, events, and activities the PNA has to offer. Please bring a dish or drink to share – if you can’t, that’s OK, we’ll provide some food and drink and there is always plenty!

Potluck starts at 5 pm. Orientation starts at 6 pm. Please feel free to drop in for just the potluck, or just the orientation, if you can’t stay for both.

Your RSVP is helpful, but not required RSVP Online here. You can also RSVP by emailing [email protected] or calling 206.783.2244.

Friday is also the early Fall blood drive, from 1-7pm at the PNA. Your donation can save up to three lives! Schedule in advance online at schedule.bloodworksnw.org or just drop in. (Note: closed 3-4 pm)