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Kindness project goes live in PhinneyWood neighborhood

From the brainpower and innovation that brought the Gumshoe 5k to our great community, a new project goes live today: KinderReminder. The participants are described as “friends, neighbors and business owners who live and work in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge-Greenwood Neighborhood, believe kindness matters and want to promote more kindness in our community.” So – you!

There are some initial events scheduled for 2020, including Pay It Forward Weekend and a video contest for middle and high school students that show the power of kindness.

The organization and purpose are still crystallizing, but if you are interested in promoting and bringing more kindness to your immediate world, join the Facebook group and keep an eye on things as the group evolves. Also, the inspirational and attractive Yard Signs are available for $7.99 at Greenwood Hardware.