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“Feces of the Furture”: new Woodland Park Zoo Doo compost facility opens today

With a nice crowd of reporters, kids, and zoo luminaries, Woodland Park Zoo’s President Alejandro Grajal opened their new Zoo Doo composting facility today by cutting a vine rope with an oversized pair of scissors. “Zoo Doo is the envy of all gardeners in the region,” remarked Grajal during his speech.

The Zoo Doo yard’s compost system now has automated aeration and temperature control technology, which cuts down compost processing times from about six months to just 60 days. The upgrades also include the addition of 8-foot-tall concrete bunkers, allowing larger piles of compost and creating more Doo in less space.

Composting all of the fecal waste from the vast zoo ecosystem is part of the Zoo’s sustainability initiative, and diverts 650 tons of waste annually from landfills. In addition to saving animal species here and around the world, Grajal says they are also committed to positively impacting their immediate community.

The public can purchase Zoo Doo year round online, at Zoo stores located at the zoo’s South and West Entrances, or at the biannual Fecal Fest which accepts entries from August 19 through September 8. Kaitlyn Welzen – known as “Dr Doo” around the Zoo – relayed that about one half to one third of entrants get Zoo Doo every year, with about 300 of the 600 entrants winning this sweet and aromatic prize last earlier this year.