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New Sichuan restaurant opens in former Mori Sushi space

Chef King began operations in the beginning of the month, across from Fred Meyer and adjacent to the Janus Apartments. This Sichuan restaurant in has a sense of humor throughout the menu, which includes options for the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” the “Whatever” (Chef’s choice), and the “I Don’t Know” (Chef’s secret dish!)

There are also the usual suspects: bubble tea, pork belly, steamed dumplings, beef chow mein, and sweet and sour fish. There is also an interesting sounding dish called “rock candy duck,” made with boiled duck that is then steamed, fried, and slathered with a rock sugar sauce.

101 N 85th St #102, https://www.chefkingseattle.com/ 206-829-9357
Hours: Wed-Mon 11 am-9 pm, Sun closed