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Free local safety event for community members and business owners – Tuesday at 6:30pm

The event will be at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center on April 2 starting at 6:30. From the organizer, Heidi Rogers:

“As a small business owner in Fremont, mother, and partner I know the importance of keeping our families and neighbors safe. As with many of you, I’ve experienced first hand some of the changes to our neighborhood, and found that I’m not as equipped with the tools to navigate and prevent crime as much as I would like. Many of us have had personal conversations and we share similar concerns. Luckily for all of us, we’ve got an extremely smart and involved candidate for City Council District Six, Sergio Garcia, who helped assist in organizing this awesome event. I decided to host an event with local safety, self-defense, and family safety consultant Donna Miles. It will be a dialogue and demonstration on just that.”