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King County Assessors’ Office beginning on-site property inspections for 2019 in Phinney Ridge

The King County Assessors’ Office does on-site inspections of every property every six years to determine property values for taxes. This year it’s Phinney Ridge’s turn, along with Fremont and numerous other neighborhoods farther away.

The Assessor is required by law to inspect each property in-person at least once every six years. In practice, that means King County property appraisers visit in-person about 1/6 of the properties in the county each year to ensure that homes are valued accurately and fairly. This translates to approximately 100,000 property inspections each year.
An inspection is generally an exterior observation for comparison with the property characteristics on file. To accomplish the inspections, Assessors may need to enter side or back yards. If additional information is needed, Assessor’s staff will first knock on the residence door to speak with a taxpayer if possible. All appraisers carry county ID.