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Crosswalk light button at Phinney & 67th only working on one side

Kerry let us know on Monday that the crosswalk light at Phinney Avenue North and North 67th Street, between Starbucks and the Phinney Neighborhood Association, is only working in one direction.

The signal works when you push the button on the west side, to cross to the east side of Phinney Avenue. However, the button on the east side, in front of the PNA’s fence, doesn’t do anything and the light will not change.

Kerry tells us she contacted Seattle Department of Transportation to file a work order.

I have had multiple cars travelling on Phinney honk at me while I was attempting to use the cross walk without the light changing. I am worried someone will run over a child hurrying home from school or a mom with a stroller. Please be careful until they get it fixed.

I checked the signal this morning and it hasn’t yet been fixed.