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Woodland Park Zoo Fecal Fest begins, enter online for chance to purchase Zoo Doo or Bedspread compost

Woodland Park Zoo’s popular Fecal Fest started this past weekend, with the opportunity to purchase some of the zoo’s highly coveted animal output compost. Gardeners need to enter online by March 31 to win the chance to purchase Zoo Doo or Bedspread.

Zoo Doo is composed of species feces contributed by a variety of the zoo’s non-primate herbivores, such as hippos, giraffes, mountain goats, tapirs and more, and is perfect to grow veggies and annuals.
Bedspread is a combination of Zoo Doo, sawdust, and large amounts of wood chips and is used to cushion perennial beds and woody landscapes including rose beds, shrubs and pathways.
Zoo Doo: 5 gallons $5; 10 gallons $10; 20 gallons $15; 32 gallons $20; 55 gallons $30; 100 gallons $50. Limited to 100 gallons per recipient. Pick-up truck: 6×3 bed $50; 6×4 bed $70; 8×4 bed $80. Winners may get one full truckload per person.
Zoo Doo at the ZooStore: pint-sized buckets $4.95; 2 gallon buckets $20.
Bedspread pick-up truck: 6×3 bed $40; 6×4 bed $50; 8×4 bed $60. Winners may get up to two full truckloads per person.

Only one entry per person is eligible for each drawing. Entries will be randomly selected and pick-up dates will begin April 21–29. No phone or mail entries are accepted. Cash or check only, no debit or credit cards.