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Development update: Townhomes at 104 N. 101st St. and 10712 Greenwood Ave. N., apartment building at 65th and 5th

We have three housing development projects to tell you about.

First up is a Land Use Application for six single-family residences at 104 N. 101st St. Parking will be provided for six vehicles. Existing structures will be demolished. Greenbuild Development LLC’s website shows a project of 10 homes, which includes the adjacent parcel at 10119 1st Ave. NW. The Department of Construction and Inspections has issued a Determination of Non-Significance for environmental issues. That decision can be appealed to the Hearing Examiner by March 22.

DCI is now accepting comments on any environmental concerns for the apartment building planned for the corner of NW 65th Street and 5th Avenue NW, where 418 Public House is now (the Early Design Guidance meeting was last September). The new address for the project will be 412 NW 65th St. and it will include a three-story building with nine apartments, three live-work units and parking for nine vehicles. The existing building will be demolished. Comments on environmental issues will be accepted through March 28.

DCI will conduct Streamlined Design Review (meaning no public meetings) on an eight-unit townhouse project at 10712 Greenwood Ave. N. Each of the two four-unit buildings will be three stories tall. Parking will be provided by six vehicles. The existing structures will be demolished. Even though there won’t be public design review meetings, you can still comment on site planning and design issues by email at [email protected], through March 28. Be sure to mention project #3029775. This will be the public’s only opportunity to comment on this project.