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Residents, businesses encouraged to celebrate Neighbor Day on Feb. 10 with random acts of kindness

Seattle’s annual Neighbor Day is Saturday, Feb. 10, and residents are encouraged to celebrate by committing random acts of kindness.

Neighbor Day is a special day set aside to reach out to neighbors, make new friends, and express thanks to those who help make our neighborhoods a great place to live.
Here are ways you can participate in Neighbor Day:

  • Do something nice for a neighbor: take them to coffee, clean up their yard, bake them some cookies, invite them for a walk.
  • Organize a neighborhood potluck, open house, or work party. It can be as big or simple as you want.
  • Join in a neighborhood service project to clean up a park, plant trees, or organize a neighborhood cleanup.
  • Hold a bake sale for charity or to raise money for a neighborhood project.
  • Use social media to share a “great neighbor” story with #NeighborDay.

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods has an extensive list with more ideas, plus a list of ideas specifically for local businesses or community groups, and you can submit public events to a community calendar.