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Packages stolen from front porch by man with Captain America shield on his backpack

Ken tells us that someone stole two packages from his front door in the 700 block of North 90th Street in Greenwood last Tuesday afternoon, around 1:15 p.m.

He says the outgoing packages weren’t visible from the sidewalk, and would only be visible to someone who came up the stairs. The thief left behind a crumpled up outgoing letter that had apparently been taken from another house down the street.

A neighbor happened to see the man opening one of the packages and shoving the envelope into a neighbor’s bushes. She told Ken the man was white, with a brown beard and – most notably – a Captain America shield attached to his backpack.

Did anyone else see this man or have surveillance footage of him?

If you have any information, please email Ken at [email protected]

Update Jan. 18: KIRO 7 picked up our story and interviewed the homeowner and obtained a couple photos of the suspect.