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Retirement party brings dozens of Phinney Ridge neighbors out in the cold this morning

If you were wondering why there was a group of about 30 people standing at the corner of North 67th Street and 1st Avenue NW at 7:30 this morning, it’s because neighbors were throwing a retirement party of sorts for Mary Anne Kelly on her last day of work.
Mary Anne, who has worked for many years at the City of Shoreline’s Parks and Recreation department, got to ride to work in a chauffeured ’57 Rolls Royce Sliver Shadow. Her admirers also gave her a jar of Grey Poupon and a bouquet of flowers.

Mary Anne is a perennial volunteer at the Phinney Neighborhood Association and is married to Jerry Toner, the PNA’s auctioneer.
Congratulations, Mary Anne!
(Thanks to Chris and Nancy for the tip and photo!)