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Jewish community Panim Hadashot – New Faces moves into Greenwood

The Jewish organization Panim Hadashot-New Faces has moved into Greenwood. The group’s offices are at Works Progres Coworking, at 115 N. 85th St., Suite 202, which is also where it holds its monthly Shabbat services during the fall, winter and spring. In the summer months, it holds Shabbat services in Carkeek Park.

Panim Hadashot-פנים חדשות (Pah-neem Chah-dah-shote) means “new faces” in Hebrew. It is an ancient Jewish term associated with hospitality and the Sabbath. Panim Hadashot-New Faces fosters Sabbath joy (Oneg Shabbat) by encouraging home hospitality, reviving the tradition of table singing through our music, exploring timely Jewish teachings, and bringing ‘new faces’, people from diverse backgrounds, together in celebration.