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Seattle Parks slightly revises plan for park next to Greenwood Library, input needed on design of elevated crosswalk

Seattle Parks Department has revised the site plan for the park being built on Greenwood Avenue North between North 81st and 82nd streets, just north of the Greenwood Library.

The Reading Nook has been relocated to the north end of the park as it is a more contemplative space which was in the middle of a very active zone with the plaza and Nature Discovery Trail. The Nature Discovery Trail has been moved south to provide more space and opportunities for exploration. Design Development which includes these slight modifications has been approved by Seattle Design Commission.

An additional modification to Phase 1 includes lighting as a bid additive. Although lighting is not standard for Seattle Parks and Recreation, we understand the desire from the community for it in this park. We will include it as an additive and depending on how high bids come in, we are hopeful to accept this into Phase 1 of the park. More to come on that when we go out for bid in late 2017.

You can see the revised site plan here.

Neighbors also can give their feedback on proposed graphic design for the raised crosswalk between the library and the park, across North 81st Street. Take the survey by Aug. 31 to choose one of four options.

The construction fence will come down and the park will open around the end of this month so people can enjoy the grassy area until construction begins early next year. The park is scheduled to be finished sometime next summer.