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Crosswalk Tavern closed, new owners to open Coindexter’s pinball arcade

A long-time bartender at Naked City Brewery and two friends have purchased the Crosswalk Tavern at 8556 Greenwood Ave. N. and are turning it into a pinball arcade called Coindexter’s.

JR DeMartino, who has worked at nearby Naked City for seven years, Nick Benitez and Isaac Rivelle plan to fill Coindexter’s with about a dozen pinball machines, plus classic arcade games, pool and Skee-Ball.

DeMartino says Coindexter’s will serve a few basic food items, such as chicken strips, fries, tater tots and burgers, plus alcohol.

He says neighbors have been asking for pinball ever since the Silverball Saloon, which was supposed to open next to Naked City two years ago, never did. And he says his employers at Naked City have been very supportive. He hopes Coindexter’s games will draw in people from inside and outside the neighborhood, who will then patronize other bars and businesses.

They hope to have Coindexter’s open sometime in mid-August when remodeling is done.