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List of all candidates participating in the new Democracy Voucher program

This is the first year for the city’s Democracy Voucher program, which provides $100 in vouchers for voters to donate to candidates running for City Attorney or the two City Council at-large positions. (The program plans to expand to mayoral candidates in 2021.)
Thirteen candidates have qualified to accept the vouchers:

  • City Council At-Large (Position 8): Rudy J. Pantoja Jr., Sheley Secrest, Jon Grant, Teresa Mosqueda, Hisam Goueli and Mac S. McGregor.
  • City Council At-Large (Position 9): Ty Pethe, Pauly Giuglianotti, Ian Affleck-Asch, Eric Smiley, Lorena González and Pat Muramaki.
  • City Attorney Candidate: Pete Holmes

Of the 13 candidates who are participating in the program, three candidates have completed the qualifying process and are receiving funds from Democracy Vouchers. The remaining 10 candidates are in the process of qualifying for the program and must collect enough signatures and qualifying contributions.
For the complete list of candidates running in the 2017 City of Seattle elections, please visit the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission’s active campaigns page.
In the first five months of the program: 15,079 Democracy Vouchers have been correctly assigned to participating candidates and 4,151 Seattle residents have turned in at least one voucher.

If you choose to donate your vouchers, you must do so by Nov. 30. If you didn’t receive your Democracy Vouchers or can’t find them, you can request replacements online, by calling (206)-727-8855 or e-mailing [email protected]