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Volunteers building more tiny houses tomorrow at Licton Springs Village on Aurora Avenue

A group of volunteers from labor unions will construct more tiny houses at Licton Springs Tiny House Village, a new homeless encampment at 8620 Aurora Ave. N. run by the Low Income Housing Institute. The volunteers will be working from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A coalition of local labor unions has funded a number of tiny houses that will be completed on Friday. The unions include: Teamsters 117, Teamsters 174, Teamsters 763, the Roofers Union, Laborers Local 242, Machinist 751, and the Seattle Policeman’s Guild. Each house costs $2,200 in materials, and at 8’ x 12’ they provide a safe, sturdy, and secure home for Seattle’s most vulnerable populations experiencing homelessness. The tiny houses have electricity, heat, light, furnishings, insulation, lockable doors, and windows.

This village provides shelter for up to 70 men and women under a low-barrier model that promotes resident leadership and involvement under the supervision of SHARE and full-time staff. Upon completion there will be a total of 29 tiny houses, as well as a Kingdome and Queendome (dorm style), a kitchen, donation area, and security and counseling offices. LIHI provides social workers and supportive services to help move residents into permanent housing, access employment resources, and become housing-ready. The City of Seattle provides partial operating funds for Licton Springs Village.

Donations of bath towels, laundry detergent, socks and underwear would be greatly appreciated.