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Phinney Center looking for members for new steering committee on business district grant

The Phinney Neighborhood Association has received a $35,000 “Only in Seattle” grant to help strengthen the business district, and it’s looking for steering committee members.

In response to business owners’ interest in strengthening the business district of the Greenwood and Phinney areas, the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) applied for a grant through the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle Initiative (OIS). OIS empowers neighborhood business districts to organize around a common vision and attract investment.
Grant and Goal
PNA received a $35,000 grant from OIS to gather information about the current state and needs of our business district. The ultimate goal is to create a strategy for a more cohesive, balanced and thriving Phinney/Greenwood business district that is based on the needs of the entire community. This information-gathering project will help determine what steps we can take to help our business district thrive.
We plan to study the current state of our business district in terms of business inventory and balance, neighbors’ perception of the district, what stakeholders would like to see change or improve and how they’d like to see that change happen. We will then begin to use the information we collect to create a strategy for the district that the community can rally behind. Our proposed time frame for these activities is April-December 2017.
Next Steps
Our next step is to bring together a Steering Committee of about 9 stakeholders who represent the various demographics, geographic areas and interests of our community, including both businesses and residents. The Steering Committee will work with PNA staff to decide what we need to learn, what questions to ask and how best to gather information from the neighborhood. We expect the committee to meet about 10-12 times between May and December, for about 2 hours per meeting, at times to be selected by the group. If you are interested in participating in the Steering Committee please email [email protected] by Monday, April 17th. Please note that there may be more interest than space on the committee, and as we work to make sure all interests are represented we may not be able to give a seat to everyone who indicates interest.