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Refurbished Greenwood Library reopening April 17

The Greenwood Library will reopen at 10 a.m. Monday, April 17, after two months of refurbishing.

Improvements include adding a laptop bar in the teen area, combining service desks, increasing seating options, adding electrical outlets to tables, upgrades to the meeting room, repositioning the public computers to reduce glare, and replacing the worn carpet.

The large boulder that extended through the front window from the outside into the children’s area was removed due to ongoing moisture problems, but it has been moved across the street and will be incorporated into the new park’s design. The large front window will be covered with plywood until the branch closes again for a week or two in June or July for the custom glass to be installed. The library will host a public celebration after the window in installed.

Patrons who picked up their holds at another branch during the closure should change their preferred pickup location back to Greenwood after it reopens. (Talk to a staff member if you need help with that.)