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Memorial for Greenwood resident killed in hit-and-run is Saturday morning at 82nd & Wallingford

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is hosting a memorial service on Saturday for Greenwood resident Donelle “Nellie” Yelli, who was killed by a hit and run driver in front of Bishop Blanchet High School the evening of Jan. 1.

The memorial begins at 11 a.m. at the intersection of Wallingford Avenue North and North 82nd Street.

The 62-year-old Yelli lived at Greenwood House, a home for women in need.

More info from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways:

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways sponsors walks that spotlight safety issues as well as advocates for road safety improvements. Although part of the January 7 gathering will be to consider road safety, the main purpose of this event is to honor Yelli, to her life and memory, and to memorialize all who have died in traffic.

Pastor Nick Steinloski from Bethany Community Church will say a blessing for Yelli’s life.

Yelli’s death was particularly poignant. She was a caring person living in a group home. There is no money to pay for her funeral. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways runs a Memorial Walks program and has done more than 20 advocacy actions following traffic fatalities of people walking and biking – only with the full support of the family of the victims.

This is the first fatality Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has been involved with since they began placing white silhouettes in honor of all traffic fatality victims (Seattle Times Evan Bush wrote about the Greenways silhouette program here).

Traffic violence disproportionately impacts low-income people. For the first time, the simple Seattle Neighborhood Greenways white silhouette and the 11AM event this Saturday have taken on a more powerful role of both memorial marker and remembrance.

The advocacy action for this particular fatality includes a request for Washington State DUI legislation to be strengthened and enforced.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office today charged 27-year-old Treza Hafzalla with Vehicular Homicide  and Felony Hit and Run.