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Developer may buy property where Gary’s Greenwood Auto Repair is located and turn the site into apartment/retail building

Note: This post and headline have been updated to reflect that the property owner did not go looking for buyers, but has been approached by potential buyers, and to emphasize the fact that Gary’s Greenwood Auto Repair will remain open for business as usual for quite some time.

Developers are interested in purchasing the property at 7418 Greenwood Ave. N., where Gary’s Greenwood Auto Repair has been for the last 15 years, and would likely turn it into a 28,500 square foot apartment/retail building.

Michael Pollard of The Seattle Land Use Co., who is facilitating the sale and potential development for property owner Roberta Harkleroad, said he has a couple of real estate developers looking at the property but that it hasn’t been sold yet. Pollard has filed preliminary permits with the city for Early Design Guidance of a potential 40-unit apartment building with about 2,000 square feet of retail at ground level and five parking stalls, but he said that’s just a general idea of what a developer would plan for the site.

“It’s the onslaught of this neighborhood,” Gary Hanawalt, owner of Gary’s Greenwood Auto Repair, said. “A lot of these buildings are going to disappear. It’s pretty much losing its neighborhood identity.”

Hanawalt, who said Harkleroad has been “a great landlord,” said if the development does happen, he would want to relocate somewhere in the neighborhood. He is proactively looking for a new location and has a couple of possibilities.”I’m not looking to shut down my business or leave the neighborhood.”

Any permits for the property after a sale would still take quite a while, so Gary’s Greenwood Auto Repair remains open for business as usual.



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