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PhinneyWood reader urges Greenwood residents to be careful walking to bus early in the morning after alleged assault

A PhinneyWood reader emailed to ask us to urge readers to be careful as they walk in Greenwood after a woman allegedly was assaulted while walking to the bus early Monday morning.

On Monday morning (10/24) at about 7 am a women was assaulted by three men wearing hooded sweatshirts when she walked out of her apartment lobby in Greenwood and walked towards the bus stop at 87th street. Please be alert when walking to the bus stop in the morning and consider walking in groups.

The police have been notified, and hopefully there will be more police patrols in the morning in this area.

Nobody was hurt, other than the emotional trauma of being grabbed unexpectedly at 7 am, and fearing that it may happen again on Greenwood Avenue…It just might be helpful for others who walk to the bus stop in the morning, often before sunrise, that they must be cautious. I do not know if this is a recurring problem or a one time event, so hopefully, if others are made aware of this incident, it does not happen again, and people can help out if they see something unusual when it happens.