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Cab driver slashed by female passenger with knife near zoo

Seattle Police arrested a woman early this morning after she pulled a knife on a cab driver in a gas station parking lot just south of Woodland Park Zoo.
From the SPD Blotter:

A 35-year-old male cab driver received minor wounds early this morning after a woman pulled a knife on him after refusing to pay her fare. Police quickly arrested the woman following the incident.
Police responded to a gas station at North 46th Street and Fremont Avenue North around 2:30 AM after the cab driver called 911. He told officer he had picked up two intoxicated women in Belltown, and had driven them to North Seattle. One of the women got out at the stop and the other woman remained in the cab. The driver informed her that she would be responsible for the remainder of the cab fare, about $30. She agreed and asked to be driven back to Belltown. The woman attempted to get into the front seat and then refused to pay the fare when the driver pulled into the gas station parking lot. The woman pulled a knife and stabbed at the driver, cutting his finger. The woman then ran from the cab and into the gas station store. Officers arrived and arrested her without incident. The 29-year-old woman was later booked into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery. The driver declined medical treatment for his injured finger.
Robbery detectives will handle the follow up investigation.