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Le Merde hosting pop-up art fundraiser Friday

Le Merde, a “lifestyle shop” selling art and clothes at 7315 Greenwood Ave. N., is hosting a pop-up art fundraiser this Friday, to help the shop stay afloat after a dispute with the owner of the adjoining business, Ludlow, which is now closed. Le Merde is now responsible for rent on both spaces. (Ludlow’s owner has not responded to a message for information about the closure of his shop.)
Artists at Friday’s fundraiser pay $25 per art piece (no commission on top of that), with artists setting their own prices. Contact Le Merde through direct message on its Facebook page or stop by the shop. Art will be accepted until 2 p.m. Friday.
Debi Boyette opened Le Merde in July 2014, and moved from 65th & Phinney to its current location in January. Le Merde has “members” who pay $200 a month to bring in whatever they want to sell (vintage clothes, jewelry, home décor, etc.) Members then keep all their profits, and are asked to work in the shop three to six hours per week, to make sure all merchandise is properly stocked and displayed. Some members just use the space as a studio during closed hours, and don’t need to put in shop hours.
“Le Merde is a starting point for entrepreneurs, artists, stylists and visionaries who want to test their ideas without committing to, or being locked into, a lease and all the financial responsibilities that are attached to owning your own business,” Boyette said. “There is no long-term commitment at Le Merde, we just ask for a 30-60 day written notice prior to leaving.”
She is hoping to turn the former Ludlow half of the space into a gallery and working artist space, with workshops and community gatherings.