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Carkeek Park’s Piper’s Orchard is part of City Fruit’s annual Orchard & Harvest Tour on Oct. 2

City Fruit is hosting the second annual Orchard & Harvest Tour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 2. The self-guided tour of Seattle’s public orchards costs $10-$25 (buy tickets online), or it’s free with a membership to City Fruit.

Tour-goers can participate in orchard activities, sample apple varieties, learn the history behind some of Seattle’s oldest fruit trees, and speak with orchard advisers, volunteers, and staff to learn about gardening tips, orchard care, and see how all of the orchards maintain their trees year round.

The tour includes 12 public orchards, including Carkeek Park’s Piper’s Orchard, plus tour sponsors (Greenwood Hardware, Whole Foods Market and Full Tilt Ice Cream) which will have special treats and discounts for tour participants.

The Orchard & Harvest Tour gives Seattle residents the opportunity to explore Seattle’s urban canopy and learn more about how City Fruit works to preserve these historic orchards. The proceeds from ticket sales help support the continued maintenance and preservation of the orchards. To learn more about City Fruit’s efforts, please visit www.cityfruit.org.

City Fruit promotes the cultivation of urban fruit in order to nourish people, build community and protect the climate. We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees.