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Counterfeit $20 bills showing up in the neighborhood

Home Street Bank in Phinney Ridge has recently discovered four counterfeit $20 bills, all from different business deposits. Branch Manager Dustin Foss says it’s rare to find that many in such a short time span, and he suspects there are more counterfeit bills circulating in the neighborhood.

Here’s what Foss said was wrong with the bills:

  • They had an “odd feel”
  • Colors were slightly brighter than normal
  • Missing the security strip that is visible when held up to a light
  • What should be a copper-colored “20” on the front bottom right corner was more of a flat yellow
  • Eagle watermark on the left side had poor resolution
Graphic courtesy of HomeStreet Bank.

Graphic courtesy of HomeStreet Bank.

He said the first counterfeit bills his branch encountered seemed to have a better production level than the most recent bills, but he said all were fairly obviously fake after a brief inspection.