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City of Seattle preparing to transfer ownership of Greenwood Senior Center property to Phinney Center

The City of Seattle is preparing to transfer ownership of the Greenwood Senior Center property to the Phinney Neighborhood Association.
The senior center has been at that site since 1979, and the PNA has been running it for the last decade. The city let the GSC operate rent free in exchange for providing valuable services to seniors and for maintaining the building.
All programs of the senior center would remain the same, but giving the PNA ownership of the building will help with long-term planning.
Before the city transfers the property to the PNA at no cost, it’s taking comments from neighbors and business owners within 1,000 feet of the property, as well as users of the center. The Seattle City Council must approve the transfer. The city’s Finance and Administrative Services department is recommending the council approve the property transfer, as long as the PNA continues to run it primarily as a health and social services program.
You can send comments to Robert Farrell, City of Seattle, Department of Finance & Administrative Services, PO Box 94689, Seattle, WA 98124; by email at [email protected] or phone at 206-684-7154.