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Gumshoe detective walk looking for volunteer testers before August event

The Gumshoe, which leads participants on a fun 5 kilometer detective walk through the neighborhood to raise money for local nonprofits, is back for its 11th annual event Aug. 5-14. But before that, organizer Mike Veitenhans needs some volunteers to test drive his 30 clues to make sure they make sense.

During the test drive the Gumshoe answer man follows behind and eavesdrops to learn which clues need to be tweaked before going to print—he doesn’t want any Gumshoes taking a wrong turn and ending up in Poulsbo! Volunteers receive complimentary entry forms for their trouble, but still need to do the Gumshoe in August because the clues almost always change as a result of the test drive. If you’d like to do the pre-Gumshoe, email [email protected]

Gumshoers do the 2015 walk.

Gumshoers do the 2015 walk.

Gumshoe entry fees ($20 each or $15 each when buying two or more), go to the Greenwood Senior Center, Greenwood Elementary School PTA, and the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church Food Bank.