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47 households, dozens of volunteers participate in Phinney Hub earthquake drill

Our neighborhood began organizing itself in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster during a drill on Saturday. About two dozen folks showed up at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, which is the hub for Phinney Hub, which is part of Seattle Net.

Phinney Hub drill 6-11-16-photobyMikeV-resized

Volunteers listen as Phinney Hub organizer David Baum (in white hard hat) explains the drill. Photo by Mike Veitenhans.

The PNA installed a large metal storage container in the upper parking lot to store Phinney Hub equipment and supplies. In the event of an emergency, Hub volunteers will set up tents in the parking lot and communicate with other volunteers throughout the neighborhood via walkie talkies.
David Baum, Phinney Hub organizer, said 47 households on four blocks organized block-level drills.
“Groups of neighbors gathered at a designated location on their street, then divided into teams to visit every home on the block. In an emergency, people would act as ‘first responders’ for their neighbors, turning off leaking gas, extinguishing small fires, and providing first aid,” he said by email.
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