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Pay-What-You-Can at Taproot Theatre tonight for ‘The Realization of Emily Linder’

Taproot Theatre’s pay-what-you-can performance for its new show “The Realization of Emily Linder” is tonight (Wednesday). $10 tickets are on sale this afternoon, with pay-what-you-can sales beginning at 5 p.m. at the box office at 204 N. 85th St. A $3 per ticket fee will be added to all credit and debit card sales). Limit four tickets per person.


Charity Parenzini, Annelih GH Hamilton and Laura Kenny in “The Realization of Emily Linder.” Photo by Erik Stuhaug.

Control is an illusion… Where’s the remote? Retired college professor Emily Linder summons her daughters to share her recent realization: she knows the precise time of her death. In this quirky comedic drama one eccentric family will amuse and surprise you with their preoccupations, recognitions and realizations.

Director Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey said, “Richard Strand [the playwright] captures a family dealing with the new challenges of an aging parent and the old rivalries of competitive siblings. This story’s honesty and hilarity will not only touch mothers and daughters and caregivers of aging parents, but everyone who has dealt with the difficulty of growing up and watching the world change drastically around them.”