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Crews finishing paving of Greenwood Avenue North between North 92nd and 105th streets this week

This week road crews are finishing final paving on the east and west side of Greenwood Avenue North between North 92nd Street and North 105th Street. Crews will also spend this week and next painting pavement markings, installing signs and other clean-up activities along that corridor. Crews will return in June for any final clean-up, landscaping, and other finish work, such as installing railings.

Work hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pedestrians may be detoured around work zones, and on-street parking and side street access could be restricted during work hours.

The affected side streets are the east side of N 103rd St, both sides of N 92nd St, and both sides of N 97th St. These side streets will be closed at the intersection with Greenwood Ave N for a few hours each. Only one street will be closed at a time.

Final paving work involves removing old pavement and pouring new pavement, which requires partial closure of driveways and walkways for a few hours. Crews will preserve driveway access by working on one half of a driveway at a time and/or placing a steel plate for drivers to pass over.