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Transit and Sidewalk Project begins work on west side of Greenwood Avenue

Seattle Department of Transportation has finished most of the improvements on the east side of Greenwood Avenue North for its Transit & Sidewalk Project, including new bus islands, and is completing final paving between the roadway and the curb. Crews have now moved on to the west side of Greenwood Avenue.

Crews will install bus islands and curb ramps at N 97th St and N 92nd St, a curb ramp at N 102nd St, and other improvements at N 95th St. Crews plan to start work on the bus islands at N 97th St and N 92nd St first. Installing the curb ramps at N 92nd St and N 97th St, as well as the work at N 95th St, may require a temporary side street closure at Greenwood Ave N. To complete this work safely, crews will set up pedestrian detour routes around the work zone. You may hear noise from construction equipment between 7 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

To accommodate the work, on-street parking will be restricted in the work zone on the west side of Greenwood Ave N and southbound traffic will be shifted to the center lane to make room for a safe work zone. Bicycles will continue to merge with traffic and King County Metro will provide temporary bus stops for N 97th St and N 92nd St. Northbound traffic will use the regular northbound lane.

As equipment and materials become available, crews will:

Pave the areas of the street, walkways, and driveways that were disturbed by construction on both sides of Greenwood Ave N. This work will require temporary partial closures of driveways (east side only) and walkways as crews remove old pavement and pour new pavement. Depending on the size of the driveway, crews will preserve driveway access by working on one half of a driveway at a time or placing down a steel plate for drivers. Property owners will be contacted individually before driveway work begins.

Pave and patch both sides of Greenwood Ave N at N 92nd St to finish previous work performed by Seattle Public Utilities. On the east side of Greenwood Ave N at N 103rd St, the road will also be paved and patched. We may partially close these side streets at Greenwood Ave N during working hours to complete the work.

Plant trees, add soil to landscaped areas, and complete cleanup and other finishing work. This portion of work may continue into June.