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Explosion site cleanup continues, Greenwood Recovery Office open through March 25

Cleanup crews continue to remove debris from the March 9 Greenwood explosion site now that investigators have found all the gas lines, meters and other items integral to their investigation. Debris has been mounded to the right side of the site while the left side was swept clean and hosed down.


When I stopped by the site this morning, they were connecting a “double check valve” to the fire hydrant so they could fill up a water truck that would then hose down the cleared part of the site.


Directly across the street, artist Andy Miller was putting the finishing touches on his plywood mural at The Angry Beaver tavern. It celebrates the Seattle Metropolitans winning the 1917 Stanley Cup on the right side, and the old Sonics logo on the left.


Also this morning, Seattle Department of Transportation crews removed the “No Parking” signs from the east side of Greenwood Avenue between North 83rd and 85th streets, so that’s now back open for parking. All traffic lanes on Greenwood Avenue are back to normal, but the bike lane on the west side of the street between North 84th and 85th streets remains closed and fenced off (as well as the sidewalk) as cleanup continues on that block.

As we told you about yesterday, the new Greenwood Recovery Office is open at Works Progress co-working space, 115 N. 85th St., Suite 202, for anyone affected by the disaster. It is staffed by city employees who can provide information and resources to businesses and residents. The office is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily except Sunday, through next Friday, March 25. Phone is 206-396-2788. Parking is available behind the building, with disability access.