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UPDATED: POWER OUT IN PARTS OF PHINNEY-GREENWOOD — Power outages reported just north of Greenwood

Update Monday 11 a.m.: Nancy tells us this large piece of sheet metal landed on her patio yesterday at 5711 Phinney Ave. N. during the wind storm.
She doesn’t know where it came from. If it’s yours and you need it back, email her.
Update Monday 7 a.m.: Looks like power has been restored to most of Phinney Ridge and Greenwood, except for an outage between North 88th and 90th streets and Fremont and Aurora avenues, affecting 52 customers. City Light says that outage was caused by a tree and power is expected to be restored by 7:23 p.m. today.
Update 4:25 p.m.: Power is now out through parts of Phinney Ridge and Greenwood. Seattle City Light’s outage map shows 3,182 customers affected. Power is expected to be restored by 11 p.m.
Earlier: Today’s high winds have brought down some trees and knocked out power to a number of Seattle City Light customers. As of 3 p.m., City Light’s outage map shows no outages in Phinney Ridge or Greenwood proper, however, there are quite a few outages just north of Greenwood.
According to that map, the outages begin at North 105th Street/Holman Road NW, between about Greenwood Avenue North and Aurora Avenue North, extending up through Broadview and Bitter Lake. There are two main outages there. An outage affecting 4,408 customers is expected to be resolved by 5:52 p.m.; the second, affecting 5,536 customers, is expected to be fixed by 8:15 p.m.
There are quite a few outages on the east side of Aurora/Hwy. 99.
We saw this tree down behind the Greenwood Fred Meyer.
If you’ve got any pictures of other trees down, please email us.