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World famous magician Jeff McBride performs at Phinney Center this Saturday

Local magician Evan Reynolds, who hosts monthly Family Variety Shows at the Phinney Neighborhood Association, is bringing world famous magician Jeff McBride to the PNA for a special show this Saturday, from 1-2:30 p.m.

Photo courtesy Jeff McBride.

Photo courtesy Jeff McBride.

(T)o other magicians he is legendary. He has his own Las Vegas show (in large venues), he has been on television in Celebracadabra and MindFreak among other things (he had a part written for him on Star Trek!), he’s toured with the Illusionists, and he travels the world performing. He’s travelling the world now – he is in England now and was just in Japan – and we talked him into coming to Seattle.

(T)his guy is an amazing performer. He’s the kind of guy other magicians travel to come see just so we can sit there with our mouths hanging open. Some of it because he’s doing stuff that’s crazy hard (he’s got multiple Guinness world records) and some of it because his stuff is just beautiful and even as a magician it gives me a sense of wonder.

Tickets for the show are $30 and available online through TicketLeap. Professional magicians also can pay $30 for a special lecture afterward (or $50 for both the lecture and show), and $125 for a special Sunday workshop. The show is at the PNA’s Brick Building 6532 Phinney Ave. N.