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PhinneyWood neighbor publishes new children’s picture book, ‘The Denim Jungle’

PhinneyWood resident Angela Taylor Hylland has published her first children’s picture book, “The Denim Jungle,” and is hosting a book launch party from 12-2 p.m. Saturday at Ballard Homestead, 6541 Jones Ave. NW.
She’ll read from the book and talk about what went into making it, along with illustrator Jackie Phillips of LA’s Precious Beast. Children can also make special crafts and there will be special giveaways.

The Denim Jungle began as a seed of an idea 30 years ago, when my husband was a small boy. He mentioned to his mom that he felt like he was living in a Denim Jungle, surrounded by jean-clad adult legs,” Angela explained. “His mom held on to that idea, convinced it would make an imaginative children’s book. Five years ago, she entrusted the idea to me, shortly before dying of breast cancer. I promised her I would make her dream a reality, and I can’t begin to explain the healing and hope that has come from following through on that promise, both for myself and as an example to my kids, her grandchildren.” “The Denim Jungle is about noticing the little things as a child and a parent, but for me, it’s also about discovering the magic of what you can do and see in yourself, if you allow yourself to imagine and explore the possibilities.”