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Seattle City Light warns customers to beware of con artists posing as utility bill collectors

Seattle City Light says a business owner was recently scammed by a con artist who called to claim an electricity bill wasn’t paid and threatened to cut off power immediately if the owner didn’t pay.

Con artists have been directing people to obtain pre-paid debit cards for these swindles because they lack the fraud protections that most credit cards or bank debit cards provide.
Scams like this have been tried for years. Seattle City Light uses its Light Reading newsletter, Power Lines Blog and social media accounts to educate customers about these scams so they can protect themselves. If you ever receive a call like this, do not give out any personal financial information. Instead, try to get as much information about the person who is calling that you can and then contact your local police.
Anyone who ever has a question about the status of their account can call City Light at (206) 684-3000.