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UPDATE: POSTPONED — PhinneyWood Hubs neighborhood meeting Jan. 11

Update: The meeting has been postponed. A new date will be announced soon. The meeting is now scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25, at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, 7500 Greenwood Ave. N., downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

Earlier: The next meeting of the neighborhood disaster preparedness group PhinneyWood Hubs is at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 11, at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N., in the Blue Building.

This meeting will launch the “Unified Neighborhood Response” program, which brings together households, Block teams, and Hubs in a coordinated system to respond to a major earthquake or other disaster.

The meeting will feature:

  • Reports From the Field: Block Leaders report on work with their neighbors
  • Household Preparedness – The Foundation: Presentation/discussion with local expert Kelly Kasper
  • Practice & Training: We will evaluate proposed new procedures for Blocks and Hubs in a small-group breakout session.

This is the first in a series of monthly meetings leading up to a full scale neighborhood exercise in June 2016. PhinneyWood Hubs will participate in the national level “Cascadia Rising” exercise, which will involve federal, state, and local agencies in a functional drill to practice response to a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.

The meeting is free. Residents of any neighborhood are welcome to attend. For more information, please visit our web site at www.PhinneyWoodHubs.org.