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Tickets on sale Jan. 2 for Taproot Theatre’s ‘Silent Sky’

Taproot Theatre, 204 N. 85th St., presents the first show of its 40th season beginning Jan. 29 with the northwest premiere of “Silent Sky.” It runs through Feb. 27, and is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Hana Lass in "Silent Sky." Photo by John Ulman, Taproot Theatre.

Hana Lass in “Silent Sky.” Photo by John Ulman, Taproot Theatre.

Tickets go on sale Jan. 2, 2016, through the box office at 206-781-9707 and online.

Let one scientist’s quest take you beyond the stars. At the dawn of modern astronomy, Henrietta Leavitt maps the night sky, intent on measuring the distance to the stars. A true story, Silent Sky invites you to revel in the magic and romance of the universe with this history-making journey of love, family, science and determination.

Previews are Jan. 27 and 28; Pay-What-You-Can performance is Feb. 3. Post-play discussion with staff and cast members are held after every Wednesday performance (except for the preview), and after midweek matinees on Feb. 2 and Feb. 10.