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GloCone and monkeys lit for the holidays

Neighbors gathered around the Phinney Center’s old air raid tower Saturday night for the second annual GloCone and Monkey Lighting.

PNA Executive Director Lee Harper talked to the crowd before the lighting.


The GloCone and several metal-framed LED monkeys hang from the air raid tower. Another 200 monkeys are hung throughout the neighborhood as a way to promote neighborhood businesses during the holidays, and as a tie in to Woodland Park Zoo’s WildLights.


Check out the PNA Business Group’s new MonkeyWood.com website, which highlights specials and promotional events throughout the holiday season, including Red Monkey Wednesdays, where a solid red monkey in the window means that business is offering something special that day. There’s also a Monkey Scavenger Hunt for kids 12 and under with prize drawings for $20 gift cards to Bluebird Microcreamery, Nutty Squirrel Gelato, Phinney Books and Top Ten Toys.

Thanks to Mike V for the photos!