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Taproot Theatre announces 40th anniversary season

Taproot Theatre, 204 N. 85th St., has announced the lineup for its upcoming 40th anniversary season, starting in January. Season subscriptions for three or five plays are now available; single tickets go on sale in January.

Silent Sky | January 27 – February 27
At the dawn of modern astronomy, Henrietta Leavitt has dreams as big as the starlit sky, but women can’t touch the telescope at Harvard Observatory. With irrepressible brilliance, Henrietta pushes earthly boundaries to discover a universe larger than even she imagined, changing the way science views space forever. A true story of discovery, Silent Sky invites you to revel in the magic of the universe on this historic journey of love, family, science and determination.

Cotton Patch Gospel | March 23 – April 23
It’s a rare play that can boast favorable reviews from both Rolling Stone and Christianity Today. That’s why we’ve revamped this bluegrass musical, based on the story of Jesus’ birth, and put it back on Taproot’s stage. Experience the soul-stirring power of excellent storytelling and inspiring music. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to stand up and dance when the music plays and the action begins in Cotton Patch Gospel.

The Realization of Emily Linder | May 11 – June 11
Retired college professor Emily Linder knows the time of her death and she’s pulling out all the stops. Summoning her daughters to share her news, she has a list for them to accomplish within the week. As they scurry to fulfill her every whim, a new caregiver calls Emily’s bluff and teaches her a lesson or two. Pull up a chair, find the remote and get ready to laugh at this quirky comedy about an eccentric family’s preoccupations, recognitions and realizations.

Big Fish | July 6 – August 13
Edward Bloom has never been much of a dad, but as fantasy wages war with reality his tall tales of mermaids and giants may make his son a better man. Let yourself be reeled in by this adventurous and romantic musical as a son fishes for the answer to the looming question: Is Edward Bloom a lunatic, a liar or a living legend?

Joyful Noise | September 21 – October 22
George Fredrick Handel is in crisis. His patron is dead, his operas are unpopular and he’s suffered public humiliation of his own making. From this ruin a joyous masterpiece is born. Witty, scandalous and based on the true story of the creation of Handel’s Messiah, this is a tale to inspire.