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Gray and white cat seen around Greenwood Park – is it yours?

Ed tells us he’s seen a gray and white cat with no collar or tags hanging around near Greenwood Park, at North 88th Street and Fremont Avenue. He’s wondering if the cat is lost or just likes to roam.

I just spent 30+ minutes tonight (Tuesday) around 9.30pm, giving him a bit of chicken, water, and a good petting that he nuzzled out of me before he took off after something (mouse/rat?) and never returned. There was no collar nor tags and I haven’t seen it around before, but he was more or less healthy. [at least it looked like a “he” at quick glance] I apologize for the blurry photos. He wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to snap a good one. He’s a medium grey color with black speckles / stripes, a black tipped tail, and white under belly & paws. Yellow eyes, and was rather vocal once I got my phone-camera just before he ran off into the night. He seemed a bit skittish to any sudden movements or noises, but was more or less willing to approach me and not the other way around, which leads me to believe he comes from someone’s home and not a stray.