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SDOT beginning installation of new sidewalks, planting strips and curbs on Greenwood Avenue between North 92nd and 105th streets

Seattle Department of Transportation is about to begin putting in new sidewalks, planting strips, and curbs on the east side of Greenwood Avenue North between North 92nd and 105th streets.

The addition of six foot sidewalks along with a five foot planting strip and ADA compliant curb ramps will create a much safer and more pleasant experience for pedestrians. (Unfortunately, funding limitations prevents construction on the west side of the street, although much of this stretch already has sidewalks.)
In addition, in-lane bus islands with new shelters and lighting will be added at the intersections of N 92nd St and N 97th St (both north and southbound), permitting buses to load and unload without leaving the travel lane.
Such in-lane bus stops shorten the amount of time the bus spends at the stop, thereby increasing bus efficiency and reliability. Other bus stop closures and relocations will improve bus stop spacing.
The $3.5 million transit and sidewalk project is possible with funding from the Neighborhood Street Fund Program, the Bridging the Gap Levy, and a grant from the State’s Transportation Improvement Board. The project is expected to be completed by next Spring.