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UPDATE: 4 DEAD — Avoid Aurora Avenue Bridge after bus and Ride the Ducks vehicle collide, multiple injuries

Update: Reroute updates from Metro Transit:

Transit service continues to be rerouted off of Aurora Av Bridge in both directions, due to a blockage.

Route 5 – Use stops on Fremont Av N north of N 39th St or Aurora Av N south of Mercer St or along Dexter Av N between Fremont Bridge and Mercer St.

Route 16 – Use stops on Stone Way N north of N 35th St or on 3rd Av south of Bell St or along Dexter Av N between Fremont Bridge and Aloha St.

RapidRide E Line – Use stops on 3rd Av south of Battery St or along its reroute on Dexter Av N between Aloha St and Fremont Bridge or on Stone Way N between N 35th St and N 50th St or on Aurora Av N north of N 75th St.

Expect significant delays in transit service in all areas north of downtown Seattle and west of I-5.

Update: KING 5 is reporting that four people were killed and another 12 are critically injured. Another 20 people had non life-threatening injuries. KING says a pickup truck and an SUV also were involved in the collision with the bus and Ducks vehicle. The Seattle Times has photos of the scene, including a huge gash in the side of the bus, and dozens of people being evaluated by medics. According to the Times, the bus was carrying 45 students and staff from North Seattle College’s international program.

Earlier: The Aurora Avenue Bridge is closed in both directions right now after a charter bus and a Ride the Ducks vehicle collided.

According to KING 5, there are multiple injuries. The crash happened at 11:15 a.m. The bridge is expected to be closed for several hours

Metro Transit says transit service is being rerouted onto the Fremont Bridge and Dexter Avenue North, then to regular routes. Bus riders should use the stops on Aurora Avenue North north of North 46th Street, on 3rd Avenue south of Bell Street, or along Dexter Avenue North