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Early Design Guidance meeting for 6726 Greenwood Ave housing project is Oct. 19

The Department of Planning and Development is holding an early design guidance meeting on Oct. 19 for Phinney Flats, the proposed housing development at 6726 Greenwood Ave. N., which would replace the building currently housing Ed’s Kort Haus and the Stumbling Goat restaurant.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 19, at the Ballard Community Center, 6020 28th Ave. NW, in the Sunset/Captain Ballard Room. At this meeting the NW Design Review Board will evaluate the proposed site and discuss early design considerations.

Phinney Flats has four options in the initial design proposal (download a PDF of the design proposal or leave a comment here). Each proposal calls for 59 units (either 56 studio apartments and three live-work units, or 57 studios and two live-work units) in four stories on the 8,036-square-foot site, including about 3,000 square feet of commercial at ground level.

Depending on the proposal, each apartment would range from 238 to 330 square feet. Live-work units would range from 309 to 400 square feet, and would face North 68th Street.

No parking is required or planned.

One of the developers told me in July that Ed’s Kort Haus and the Stumbling Goat would both come back to the new building.