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Small efficiency dwelling units to replace Toepfer construction’s building at 65th & Phinney

The small building that currently houses Toepfer Construction’s office at 6528 Phinney Ave. N. will be demolished and replaced by a three-story building with eight Small Efficiency Dwelling Units and two one-bedroom apartments, plus 670 square feet of commercial space at ground level. No parking is proposed. Toepfer is listed as the project’s contractor.

The building is directly south of the Phinney Neighborhood Association.
The Department of Planning and Development has approved a Streamlined Design Review Application. Comments regarding site planning and design issues will be accepted through Sept. 13. Email comments to [email protected], and reference project #3020424.

Following the public comment period, the Department of Planning and Development will issue a written design guidance report. This report will consider public comment and the applicable city-wide and neighborhood specific Design Guidelines and will serve as the basis for further review of the building permit. Once the applicant has incorporated the design guidance into the proposal they may apply for a building permit. No public notice of the building permit application will be provided.

You can see all DPD documents relating to the project here, including a PDF of the design proposal, by typing in project #3020424.